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Mary Kerbacher has helped raise kids since she had been a kid herself. Her dream was to have her own child. She spent a lot of her childhood reaching out and learning about people, from babies to the elderly. She also developed a unique relationship with God, and at a very young age, she knew that God was in control of her life. She became a practical nurse at eighteen years old and did many different types of nursing. She worked with troubled youths and corrections and owed a sub shop.
She went on to work in real estate and sold and assisted in the restoration of a significant historic block, named the Weightman Block. This caused a domino effect for a beautiful historic district for the City of Williamsport. She served five years on the Redevelopment Authority Committee for the city of Williamsport and assisted with some wonderful changes for the city. After some trauma in her life that really changed her, she chose another road to follow, and that is to help people who suffer with addictions. She will soon be graduating with a bachelor’s of psychology and starting a master’s program in the summer.