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Although Chris is all grown up now, she cannot begin to tell readers how much she has learned while raising him. It was her dream for him to grow up knowing he was loved and that he will contribute to this world.

Having worked with many other children before starting her own family, Mary determined the problem between parents and teenagers was their lack of communication. The complaints Mary heard from the teenagers are: feeling alienated, they don’t matter, their voices are not heard and nobody wants to hear them out. The parents or guardians complained that their teenager does not listen to them and they always think they know it all. Mary made it her business to reach out to teenagers and parents to let them know that their voices do matter and that they can be effectively heard.

In this valuable book; she provides readers with the best ways for parents and teens to communicate with each other. Mary has found these ways to be most effective for the each of them to get the most out of their relationship. She also added a section of awareness for drug addiction in hopes through education they may choose not to use drugs to cope with the obstacles life brings their way.

“You are important, and there is a purpose in life that only you can fulfill,” the author says.